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Helen Allingham (1848 – 1926, English)


The Clothes LineThe Clothes Line

In The HayloftIn The Hayloft

Reading LessonReading Lesson


The Children's TeaThe Children’s Tea

In The NurseryIn The Nursery

Pat A-CakePat-A-Cake

The Clothes-BasketThe Clothes-Basket

The ConvalescentThe Convalescent

The Young CustomersThe Young Customers

The Children's MaypoleThe Children’s Maypole

The Goat CarriageThe Goat Carriage

The Donkey RideThe Donkey Ride

The StileThe Stile

The Rabbit HutchThe Rabbit Hutch

Her Majesty's Post OfficeHer Majesty’s Post Office

H. Allingham - Young Girl With FlushYoung Girl With Flush