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David Adolf Constant Artz (1837 – 1890, Dutch)

(Part II)


The First Step

Awaiting Father’s Homecoming

Awaiting Father’s Return – Watching The Ships Return

Midday Meal – At Grandmother’s

Coming From Church

Maternal Cares

Idyll – A Happy Tune

Mother With Children And Lamb

Preparing Lunch

Return Of The Herd

A Girl Knitting In The Dunes

The Fisherman’s Return

A Girl Playing With A Doll

A Walk In The Dunes

Maternal Cares

A Young Cowherd

A Fisherman And His Family

Children Knitting On The Beach

Family On The Dunes

(See also: Part I)

David Adolf Constant Artz (1837 – 1890, Dutch)

(Part I)

Mother’s Joy

Mother’s Happiness

My Best Friends

Resting By The Fire

A Joyful Ride – A Stroll In The Pushcart

Household Duties

Mother And Child In The Dunes

Awaiting Father’s Return On Scheveningen Beach

In A Snow-Covered Forest At Sunset

First Born


Return Of The Flock

Girl Knitting In The Dunes

On The Beach, Scheveningen

Children Playing On The Beach

Children In The Dunes

Summer Time – Family At The Beach

A Little Girl Resting In The Woods

Toddler In A Child Seat

title unknown

Before Supper

(1 – to be continued)