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Elsa Beskow (1874 – 1953, Swedish)

Girl By The BushGirl By The Bush



The Curious FishThe Curious Fish

Little LambLittle Lamb

Giving Berries To A BearGiving Berries To A Bear

Princess SylviePrincess Sylvie

Princess Sylvie 2Princess Sylvie

Christopher's Harvest TimeChristopher’s Harvest Time

Did You Sleep Little VideungDid You Sleep Little Videung?


Emily And DaisyEmily And Daisy

Easter DecorationsEaster Decorations

Rosalind And The Little DeerRosalind And The Little Deer



Pelle's New SuitPelle’s New Suit

Pelle's New Suit 2Pelle’s New Suit

The Land Of Long AgoThe Land Of Long Ago

The Land Of Long Ago 2The Land Of Long Ago

The Children Of Hat CottageThe Children Of Hat Cottage

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Elsa Beskow (1874 – 1953, Swedish)

7110164_0710_84bMerry Christmas

Peter And Lotta's ChristmasPeter And Lotta’s Christmas

Peter And Lotta's Christmas 2Peter And Lotta’s Christmas

Peter And Lotta's Christmas 3Peter And Lotta’s Christmas


Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas


Ollie's Ski TripOllie’s Ski Trip

Ollie's Ski Trip 2Ollie’s Ski Trip

Ollie's Ski Trip 3Ollie’s Ski Trip

October LeavesOctober Leaves

Autumn SongAutumn Song

Peter And LottaPeter And Lotta

Peter And Lotta 2Peter And Lotta

Travel To Far-Away LandTravel To Far-Away Land

Peter In Blueberry LandPeter In Blueberry Land

The Sun EggThe Sun Egg

Children Of The ForestChildren Of The Forest

Peter's Old HousePeter’s Old House

Postcard 1942Postcard 1942

Peter And Lotta's AdventurePeter And Lotta’s Adventure

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