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George Clausen (1852 – 1944, English)

(Part II)

Little Haymakers

Children And Roses

Apple Blossom

Brown Eyes

Head Of A Young Girl (Rose Grimsdale)

Noon In The Hayfield

Farmer’s Boy

Summer In The Fields

Mervyn Roberts

A Young Girl

Spring Morning, Haverstock Hill

The Shepherdess

The Red Hat

Nellie St. John Heaton

Peasant Girl Carrying A Jar, Quimperlé

title unknown

The Gap In The Hedge

Girl In A Field

Portrait Of A Boy

Head Of A Girl


(See also: Part I)

George Clausen (1852 – 1944, English)

(Part I)

A Schoolgirl

A Girl’s Head

The Head Of A Young Girl

A Little Child

A Village Maiden

The Stone Pickers

In The Orchard

Confirmation Day

Bird Scaring

High Mass At A Fishing Village On The Zuyder Zee, Holland

Winter Work

The Shy Child

Study For Head Of A Girl (Emmy Wright)

Planting A Tree

The Gleaners Returning

Young Girl

The Haymaker in Shadows

The Haymaker

The Farmer’s Boy


Study Of A Girl

(1 – to be continued)