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Robert Duncan (1952, American)

(Part III)


Pumpkins For Sale

Life’s A Dance

The Summer Foal

The Fishermen


Haying Time

Queen Of The Barnyard

Flowers In The Evening


The River Lessons

title unknown

From The Garden

Good Memories

The Girls Club

Her First Garden

Her Favorite

Mother And Son

(see also: Part I and Part II)

Robert Duncan (1952, American)

(Part II)

Swept Away

A Bunch Of Carrots

Down The Garden Path

Fishing In The Old Mill Pond

Day’s End

Beautiful Blondes

A Morning Hug

A New Life

Family Night

Best Of Friends

A Nice Place To Be

Corn On The Cob

A Walk With Maya

Fall In The Kingdom

At The Mill Pond

Corgis & Cows

Country Girl

A Winter’s Chill

(2 – to be continued)


Robert Duncan (1952, American)

(Part I)

Be Back Soon

Way Up North

O Christmas Tree

Emma’s Sleigh Ride

A Grand Day

For The Chickadees


Our Giant

Playing With Giants

A Wild Ride

Snow Angels

The Friendly One

Boy’s Best Friends

Visitor From Up North

Cold Hands

title unknown

Barn Patrol

Our Little Tree

Winter Games

Curious Onlookers

Dinner Call

Rooftop Warriors

(1 – to be continued)