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John Philip Falter (1910 – 1982, American)

(Part II)

Overflowing Tub

Mother’s Little Helpers

Listening To The Sea

Thanksgiving Flute Performance

Getting Ready For School

Christmas Morning

Kittens In The Basement

Tossing The Football

Flying Kites

Family Portrait On The Fourth

End Of Recess

Photos On Fake Broncos

Trick Or Treating In The Burbs


Bring Home Pumpkins

Steam Engine Along The Missouri

Receptions Line

Because He Trusted Me

Second World War poster

(see also: Part I)

John Philip Falter (1910 – 1982, American)

(Part I)

Good Guys Wear White Hats

Home Recital

Future Engineer

After Dinner At The Farm

Classroom Christmas

Learning To Fly – Young Astronaut

Covered Bridge

San Francisco Bay Boys


Shaking Hands After The Fight

City Park

School’s Out

Muddy Walk Home

Sledding By Sunset

Sandlot Homerun

title unknown

Little Sister With A Picture Of A WAVE – Wish I Could Join Too!

poster for American Red Cross

(1 – to be continued)