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Willem Geets (1838 – 1919, Belgian)

Charles V And Jeanne Vandergeynst At The Cradle Of Their Daughter MargueriteCharles V And Johanna van der Gheynst
At The Cradle Of Their Daughter Margaret

Maternal HappinessMaternal Happiness

Awaiting An AudienceAwaiting An Audience

The AccidentThe Accident

The Accident (detail 1)The Accident (detail 1)

The Accident (detail 2)The Accident (detail 2)

In The SenateIn The Senate

In The Senate (detail)In The Senate (detail)

La cour de Philippe le BonLa cour de Philippe le Bon

Exorcization Of Joana Of CastileExorcization Of Joanna Of Castile (Joanna the Mad)

Mother And ChildMother And Child