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Theodore Gerard (1829 – 1895, Belgian)

The Young ArtistThe Young Artist

The Happy Family - The RecitalThe Happy Family – The Recital

The Attentive NannyThe Attentive Nanny

The Biscuit ThiefThe Biscuit Thief

Cupid's MessengerCupid’s Messenger

The Day's News - Family SceneThe Day’s News – Family Scene

The BrideThe Bride

The House Of CardsThe House Of Cards

A Little AdviceA Little Advice

The BirdThe Bird

The Good School Boy - The School LessonThe Good School Boy – The School Lesson

The Little ThiefThe Little Thief

Market DayMarket Day

A Young Girl Braiding Her HairA Young Girl Braiding Her Hair

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Theodore Gerard (1829 – 1895, Belgian)

Trying On Grandmother’s Spectacles

The Farmer’s Children

Feeding The Chicks

The Embroidery Lesson


The Family Homecoming

The Country Children

La Promenade


At The Well

Returning From The Market

The Unexpected Guest

Tickling The Sleeper

The Newborn Child

The Center of Attention

A Summer’s Day

title unknown

Boy In Shades Of Grey At The School Entrance - The IncidentBoy In Shades Of Grey At School Entrance – The Incident

Reading The News

The Accident

Domestic Idyll

Grandparents Visit

La Regale

Family TimeFamily Time

Keeping WatchKeeping Watch