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Steve Hanks (1949, American)

(Part III)

Candle In The Wind

Touching The Surface



Angels Out The Door

Once Upon A Shoreline

Mother And Child Bond

The Music Room

Big Shoes To Fill

Being Perfect Angels

We Are Bound Together


An Innocent View

Count Your Blessings

Little Black Crow

Places I Remember

Life Size

The Gift Is In Her Presence

Country Girls

Michaela And Friends

Crib Quilt

Traveling At The Speed Of Life

Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Morning At Bakers Beach

Time Of Wonder

The Journey Is The Goal

Waiting On Halloween

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Steve Hanks (1949, American)

(Part II)

A Mother’s Pride

In The Eyes Of The Innocent

It’s His Time Now

Little Angels

Shelter For The Heart

Musical Appreciation

Baby Bath

title unknown

Captive Audience

Someone To Watch Over

title unknown

Drip Castles

To Behold

In Mother’s Arms

Dancing On The Shore

Stepping Stones

Small Miracle

Nature’s Beauty


Holding The Family Together

Things Worth Keeping

Time With Dad

Stringing The Children Along

Where The Light Shines Brightest

The Newest Angel

When The Fog Rolls In

My Little Angel

(2 – to be continued)

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Steve Hanks (1949, American)

(Part I)

Getting Her Feet Wet

Catching The Rain

A World For Our Children

All In A Row

All Gone Awry

Sharing Key Time


Summer Rain

Young At Art

Blowin’ In The Wind

A Mother’s Warmth

The Sound Of Tiny Fingers

Hold Onto The Gate

Angel At The Gate

Standing On Her Own Two Feet

Castles In The Sand

Time With Mom

Children On La Jolla Shores

The Daughter Of A Great Romance

For Generations To Come To

New Arrival

Peeking Out

The Time To Listen

Judging By The Look

Treasures On The Shore

Sharing In Silence

Sending Flowers

The Thinkers

(1 – to be continued)

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