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Mabel Rollins Harris (XX Century, American)

Mabel Rollins HarrisLittle Girl And Bluebird’s Nest

Mabel Rollins HarrisLittle Girl And Chicks

Spring SongSpring Song

The HitchhikerThe Hitchhiker

Mabel Rollins HarrisMother And Child

Little Girl Playing Dress Up With DogLittle Girl Playing Dress Up With Dog

Mabel Rollins HarrisBath Time

Mabel Rollins HarrisMother And Child

Little Girl And BalloonLittle Girl And Balloon

Mabel Rollins HarrisLittle Girl With Puppy Dog

Guardian AngelGuardian Angel

Heavenly GuardianHeavenly Guardian

Baby LoveBaby Love

Mabel Rollins HarrisLittle Girl Listening A Bird Sing

87Mother And Child

The Fairest Of Them AllThe Fairest Of Them All

Mabel Rollins HarrisLittle Girl Looking At Bird’s Nest

Girl With Collie Dog PuppyGirl With Collie Dog Puppy

Mabel Rollins HarrisBluebirds In The Mailbox

Just Baby And MeJust Baby And Me

Mabel Rollins HarrisLittle Girl And The Bluebird

Mabel Rollins HarrisShower Time

Girl Painting BluebirdGirl Painting Bluebird

Madonna And Child 2Madonna And Child

Madonna And ChildMadonna And Child

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Mabel Rollins Harris (XX Century, American)

Contemplating The Cookie Jar

Look Who’s Here

After The Bath

Good Morning

Sharon And Debbie



Blowing Bubbles

Mother And Baby

Baby In Mirror

Health And Happiness

Little Princess

Springtime Melody

HARRIS Rollins MabelPuppies And Kittens – Sleepytime

After Baby's BathAfter Baby’s Bath

Mother And DaughterMother And Daughter

Blue HeavenBlue Heaven

143title unknown

Mother And Baby 2Mother And Baby

316title unknown

366Girl With Dog

Feeding Their PetsFeeding Their Pets

37Girl With Collie

Little Blue EyesLittle Blue Eyes

26Goodnight Prayer