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Maud Humphrey Bogart (1868 – 1940, American)

(Part II)

Vintage Christmas

Playing Bride Maid

A Busy Day

Playing Bride

Maternal Cares

Young Girl Holding A Cup With Flower

Young Child Playing Banjo

Winter Time

Birthday Greetings

The North Wind Doth Blow

Easter Card

Little Girl In Bonnet

(See also: Part I)


Maud Humphrey Bogart (1868 – 1940, American)

(Part I)

Maud Humphrey Bogart was the mother of actor Humphrey Bogart

Butterflies And Roses

Little Red Riding Hood

Saving The Doll

Playing Graduating

First Outing

Sweet Bo Peep

The Physician

Spring Blossoms

The Returning Hero – A Red Cross Nurse

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

Paul Revere’s Ride

Washington Crossing The Delaware


Crying In The Rain

Helping Mama

Boy Carrying A Basket of Puppies

May Your Birthday Be Bright And Happy

An Easter Greeting

St. Valentine’s Greeting

Young Girl Feeding A Donkey

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