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Robert Gemmell Hutchison (1855 – 1936, Scottish)

(Part II)

When The Day Is Done

The Village Carnival

The Pathos of Life


A Visit From Granny

A Dutch Mother

Open Your Mouth And Shut Your Eyes

A Sunday Morning

A Christmas Morning

Dutch Girl In A Cottage Interior


Tatties And Herrin

Her First Christmas

The Mid-day Meal

The Toy Windmill

Shelling Peas

The High Chair

The New Sabot

Collecting Driftwood

The Kid

Feeding Chickens

The Young Arcadians

Playing In The Water

The Toy Boat

Feeding The Gulls

Playing Among The Dunes

The Dead Seagull

Gathering Shells At The Beach

A Girl Knitting

Portrait Of A Girl

(See also: Part I)


Robert Gemmell Hutchison (1855 – 1936, Scottish)

(Part I)

The Gundy Man

The Young Laird

It’s Bleeding Granny

The Draught Players

Idle Moments

Sea Gulls And Sapphire Seas


Children Looking Over A Fence

Churning Butter

Come Birdie Come

Dyed Eggs

Picking Flowers On The Bents

A Frolic In The Sea

Summer On The Cliffs

title unknown

Sailing The Boat

The Fisherman’s Daughter

The Checker Game Art

The Red Dress

The Pink Pinafore

Girl In A White Bonnet

The Dutch Boy

New Haven Harbour, East Sussex

Sailing The Sabots

The Morning Wash

The Tea Party

Tug Of War

Playing By The Shore

Carnoustie Bay, Summer

In Tow

The Little Fishergirl

(1 – to be continued)