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Jozef Israels (1824 – 1911, Dutch)

(Part II)

Passing Mother’s Grave

The Cottage Madonna

The Seamstress

The Children At Sea

Awaiting The Fisherman’s Return

Mending The Nets

Peasant Meal In Delden

Donkey Ride Along The Beach

The Toy Boat

Mother And Children

The Young Mother

Mother Wealth

Pick A Back

On Mother’s Lap


Returning Home


A Quiet Moment

Interieur de cuisine en Hollande – Peeling Potatoes

(See also: Part I)

Jozef Israels (1824 – 1911, Dutch)

(Part I)

The First Step

Mother And Child By The Sea

Sunday Morning

In Grandfather’s Arms

A Frugal Meal

Old Man And Baby

Awaiting Mother’s Return

Children Of The Sea

Mother And Child On A Seashore

Mother Knitting With Baby By Her Side

A Peasant Family At The Table

Children Playing By The Seaside

Gathering Faggots

Launching The Boat

Pancake Day

The Departure


On the Coast Road

Grandmother’s Treasure

(1 – to be continued)