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Peter Lely (1618 – 1680, English)

Portrait Of Lady Charlotte Fitzroy With Her Indian Page

A Boy As A Shepherd

Charles I And The Duke Of York

Portrait Of Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castelmaine,
With Her Son, Charles Fitzroy

Portrait Of A Young Lady And Child
(possibly Barbara Villiers, Countess Of Castelmaine)

Mademoiselle Louise de la Vallière and her children

Portrait Of The Children Of the Markgraaf de Trazegnies

Boy Playing A Jew’s Harp

Portrait Of Nell Gwynne

Portrait Of Winston and Arabella Churchill,
Children of Sir Winston Churchill

Sir John Cotton And Family

Group Portrait Of Charles Dormer, His Wife Elizabeth And Their Children

Portrait Of Charles Dormer, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon

Double Portrait Of Charles Dormer And His Sister Lady Elizabeth Dormer

Isabella Dormer Aged 8

Lady Elizabeth Noel Wriothesley

Lady Henrietta Mordaunt

Girl With A Parrot

A Child Of The Capel Family

The Chesterfield Portrait –
Portrait Of Two Boys, Philip Stanhope And His Brother Charles

Sir Edward Hales And His Family

Henry, Duke Of Gloucester

Finding Of Moses

Head Of A Young Boy