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Li Mubai (1913 – 1991, Chinese)

Follow Hygiene And Love Cleaning

Mao Gets Flowers

Children Born Under Planned Parenthood Are Strong

We Warmly Love Peace

Little Anti-Imperialist Warriors

Junior Signal Soldiers


Grandmother Sing With Us

We Have To Love And Protect Public Property

Welcoming The Dear Little Friends From North-Korea

Study Lei Feng's Fine Example

We Love Science

A Good Big Sister

Presenting Flowers

I Am Willing To Help Little Friends

Little Brother Is Learning How To Walk

Members Of The Young Pioneers Have To Help Class Mates And Make Progress Together

Wishing Good Luck Throughout The Years

We Have To Pay Attention To Public Sanitation

To Work Out Regularly Makes The Body Strong

We Have To Respect Our Elders

A Night Of Revelry

Great Leader Of The Chinese People, Chairman Mao

You Have To Do Your Own Things By Yourself

Lively Child