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Basile de Loose (1809 – 1885, Belgian)

Mischievous BoysMischievous Boys

For The Sick PoorFor The Sick Poor

Misbehaving ChildrenMisbehaving Children

The Card PlayersThe Card Players

The Card Players 2The Card Players

The Happy FamilyThe Happy Family

A Visit To The SeamstressA Visit To The Seamstress

The Potterie SellerThe Potterie Seller

The NewbornThe Newborn

The Lacemaker 2The Lacemaker

The Music LessonThe Music Lesson

Tuning The GuitarTuning The Guitar

A Harmonious DuetA Harmonious Duet

Mother And ChildMother And Child

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Basile de Loose (1809 – 1885, Belgian)

Between Two Classes

In The Schoolroom

De Friture Belge

The Classroom

The Lace Makers

Boy With Hoop

Cooking Biscuits

A Special Biscuit

A Family At Work

The Visit

Fatherly Advice

The School Room

The Artist With His Children In His Studio

The Portrait Of The Milk-Maid

A Mother Feeding Her Child By The Kitchen Fire

Time For BedTime For Bed

The Country SchoolThe Country School

War StoriesWar Stories

Doll MakingDoll Making

Feeding The ChildrenFeeding The Children