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Walter Molino (1915 – 1997, Italian)

(Part III)

Three Little Girls Overwhelmed By A Sheaf Of Straw

Fell Off The Train

Fallen Into A Canal

Saving Her Daughter

Boy Attacked By A Cougar

New Year Begins


Little Girl Saved By Dog

Illegal Immigrants

Great Fishing

Little Girl Saved By Engine Driver Frank Meyers

Unexploded Mines

Boy With Lamb

Courageous Italian Mother

Don’t Touch The Unexploded Bombs!

Keep Prices Down

Happy Event At The Station

James Bond Arrives In Milan


The Football Match

(See also: Part I and Part II)

Walter Molino (1915 – 1997, Italian)

(Part II)

The Happy Dolphin Of Opononi

Mother Courage

A Baby Buried Alive Saved By Dogs

Girl Saves Her Three Younger Sisters

Tragic Dawn

Lion Escaped From Circus

Back To School

More Human Than Men

Baptism Among The Lions

Tragic Death Of A Shepherd Boy

Rebellious Youth

A Judicious Child

The Act Of A Mad Mother

Boy Saved By Reverend Ronald Aylward

Invasion Of Locusts

Boy Warns Of The Danger

Marisa Leonzio – A Bridge For School

A Mad Dog And A Brave Girl

Niki de Sainte Phalle – She Paints Shooting

Il Monello (cover)

(2 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I)

Walter Molino (1915 – 1997, Italian)

(Part I)


Take Care Of Our Daughter

Tragedy On Ice

Susie Quigley And The Good Lion

Escape From Red China

Ingrid Bergman Embraces Her Daughter

The Tragedy Of Hamburg

Loch Ness Monster Is Back!

Winston Churchill As A Painter

The Evil Of Smoking

Vanio Kilpinen, The Finnish Deserter

Faustino’s Legacy (Fausto Coppi’s Son)

The Tragedy Of Polesine

Hungarian Soldiers Bring Milk To Their Enemies Children


November 4

Young Boy Saved By Princess Margaret

Courage School In Japan

Tax Return

In The Bear Pit

A Cold Blooded Father

(1 – to be continued)