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Frederick Morgan (1847 – 1927, English)

(Part IV)



Rival Families

Dainty Fares

A Father’s Return

A Flood

Out Of Reach

The Family Picnic

May I?

The Garland

Hop Skip


Happy Days

Motherly Love

The Kite

Cherry Earrings

The Flower Gatherer

(see also: Part I, Part II and Part III)


Frederick Morgan (1847 – 1927, English)

(Part III)


Bob Apple

A Kiss For The Orange Seller

See Saw (The Teeter-Totter)

His First Tooth

Ring-a-Ring o-Roses

Cherry Earrings

Her Constant Care

Steady – Hold Tight

The Catch

Midday Rest

The Dancing Bear


A Welcome For Daddy

Me Too

Young Harvesters – The Haymakers

Queen Alexandra with Grandchildren and Dogs

(3 – to be continued)

(see also: Part I and Part II)

Frederick Morgan (1847 – 1927, English)

(Part II)

Childhood Sweethearts

At Scarborough

Never Mind – The Consolation

An Apple Gathering

Grandfather’s Birthday

I See You!


Merry As The Day Is Long

Day At The Seaside

Motherly Love

The Cherry Gatherers

Enough And More To Spare


Sunny Hours

Sharing Her Lunch

The Little Strangers

Good Friends

The Danty Chair

On The Beach

The Emigrants Departure

(2 – to be continued)

(see also: Part I)

Frederick Morgan (1847 – 1927, English)

(Part I)

Which One Do You Love Best?

His Turn Next

Helping Grandpa

His First Birthday

Nursing A Poorly Duckling

Off To The Fair


Feeding The Rabbits

Young Girls At The Edge Of A Cornfield


After School

Children Playing

The Toy Parade

The Butterfly

Not Far To Go

The Coming Nelson

A Day On The River

Cherry Pickers

Over The Garden Wall

Sea Horses

(1 – to be continued)