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Berthe Morisot (1841 – 1895, French)

(Part III)

Young Girl With A Bird

Portrait de Mademoiselle M.T. (Young Girl With A Parrot)

Little Girl At Mesnil (Jeanne Bodeau)

Portrait Of Children

Chasing Butterflies

The Artist’s Daughter, Julie Manet

The Little Girl From Nice, Celestine

The Bowl Of Milk

Young Woman And Child, Avenue du Bois

The Piano

Child Playing In The Garden

Choir Boy

Girl Playing The Mandolin

Girl And Child On The Grass

On The Balcony

Julie Playing A Violin

In The Garden

Julie And Her Boat

Little Girl With A Doll

On The Lake In The Bois de Boulogne

The Wet Nurse Angele Feeding Julie Manet

Julie Writing

Little Saint John

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Berthe Morisot (1841 – 1895, French)

(Part II)

Madame Boursier And Her Daughter

Girl In A Straw Hat

Julie Manet (The Artist’s Daughter) With A Budgie

Eugene Manet And His Daughter In The Garden

Little Girls At The Window (Jeanne And Edma Bodeau)

Studying The Violin

Girl With Shuttlecock (Jeanne Bonnet)

The Black Finger Bandage

Child In The Rose Garden

Children With A Bowl

A Young Girl With Cat

Young Woman And Child On An Isle

On The Lake

Jeannie’s Head

Mud Pie

Woman And Child In A Garden – Girl Sewing In A Garden

The Sewing Lesson

On The Veranda

The Lesson In The Garden

Julie With Pasie In The Garden At Bougival

Little Dancer

Portrait Of Marcel

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Berthe Morisot (1841 – 1895, French)

(Part I)

The Cradle



Eugene Manet And His Daughter At Bougival

Cottage Interior (Interior At Jersey)

Girl With Dog

In The Garden At Maurecourt

Lucie Leon At The Piano

Julie Listening

Lilacs At Maurecourt

Little Girl In A Blue Dress

The Mandolin

Little Girl With Blonde Hair

On The Lawn

The Fable

On The Balcony Of Eugene Manet's Room At Bougival

The Artist's Sister Edma With Her Daughter Jeanne

Child With A Red Apron

Julie With Her Nurse

Young Girl With Doll

Woman And Child

Child In Bed

Portrait Of Julie

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