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George Bernard O’Neill (1828 – 1917, Irish)

(Part II)

A Joyful Welcome

Forty Winks

Storming The Castle

Sunday Afternoon

The Duet

The Serenade

The Convalescent – A Friendly Visit

The Nestlings

The Favourite

Under The Mistletoe – A Christmas Kiss

The Obedient Model

Grans Treasures

Fishing With Grandpa



The First Sitting

The Young Mother

The Tete à Tete Tea

Feeling Much Better

The Welcome

(See also: Part I)

George Bernard O’Neill (1828 – 1917, Irish)

(Part I)

The Despatch

Driving A Pair

The Sword Dance

Father’s Breastplate

Hush, She’s Sleeping!

The Love Letter

Hide And Seek

The First Lesson

Mother’s Help

Market Day, The Arrival Of The Hippodrome

Public Opinion


The Admirers

Hide And Seek

Little Angler

Children In The Tower of London

The Childrens’ Party

Stolen Fruit Is The Sweetest

Cheer Up

(1 – to be continued)