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Léon Bazile Perrault (1832 – 1908, French)

Les Jeunes Mendiants (Out In The Cold)Les Jeunes Mendiants


La MendianteLa Mendiante


Maternal Love 2Maternal Love

Affection MaternelleAffection Maternelle

Brother And SisterBrother And Sister

Sisterly LoveSisterly Love

Give Me For My ChapelGive Me For My Chapel

A Crown Of FlowersA  Crown Of Flowers


A Good BookA Good Book

Le Petit FrèreLe Petit Frère

Girl With GrapesGirl With Grapes

Widowed And FatherlessWidowed And Fatherless

L'Amour FraternelL’Amour Fraternel

Teasing The BabyTeasing The Baby

Cupid SleepingCupid Sleeping

The Young BuskerThe Young Busker

L'Ange EndormieL’Ange Endormie

Mother With ChildMother With Child

Maternal TendernessMaternal Tenderness

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Léon Bazile Perrault (1832 – 1908, French)

An Interesting StoryAn Interesting Story

Petite fille au bouquet de fleursPetite fille au bouquet de fleurs

The Apple PickerThe Apple Picker

Out In The ColdOut In The Cold

En penitenceEn penitence

The Flower Vendor (small)The Flower Vendor

Sleeping PuttoSleeping Putto

a young peasant girl sleepingA Young Peasant Girl Sleeping

Son favoriSon favori

Pensive Girl

Love and InnocenceLove And Innocence

La fille du bucheronLa fille du bucheron

title unknownTenderness

Away From HomeAway From Home

La Tarantella.bmpLa Tarantella

Le miroir de la nature

Cupid's ArrowCupid’s Arrows

Young Mother And Sleeping Child (jeune mere et enfant endormie)Jeune mere et enfant endormie

A Mother With Her Sleeping ChildA Mother With Her Sleeping Child


Unconscious Sleeper

Le Petit NaufragéLe Petit Naufragé

Lost In DreamsLost In Dreams

The Tambourine GirlThe Tambourine Girl

The Little ScholarsThe Little Scholars

The Young SeamstressThe Young Seamstress

Girl With ApplesGirl With Apples

A Reading LessonA Reading Lesson


The Italian GirlThe Italian Girl

A Young BeautyA  Young Beauty