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Arthur Rackham (1867 – 1939, English)

Children By The Sea

The Night Before Christmas

To Bethlehem – A Christmas Masque

Alice In Wonderland

Alice – A Mad Tea Party

Alice – The Rabbit Sends In A Little Bill



Bye Baby Bunting

Snow Queen

King Of The Golden River

The Emperor’s New Clothes

See-Saw, Margery Daw

The Little Mermaid

A Fairy Song

Goblin Market – Laura Would Call The Little Ones

Wandering About And Boo-hoo-ing

Brother And Sister

Sleepy Hollow – Marvellous Tales Of Haunted Fields

Sleepy Hollow – Bursting Forth Like A Legion Of Young Imps

A Flower Of Bliss, Beyond All Blessing Blest

Then She Turns In Sudden Terror

Rip’s Daughter and Grand-Child

Rip Van Winkle – A Troop Of Strange Children Ran At His Heels