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Joshua Reynolds (1723 – 1792, English)

(Part IV)

Susannah, Philip Lake And Maria Godsal

Miss Anna Ward With Her Dog

Mrs. Henry Thrale With Her Daughter Esther

Miss Price

Lavinia Bingham, Countess Spencer, And John Charles Spencer

Prince William Frederick – The Duke Of Gloucester As A Boy

Mrs And Miss Macklin With Miss Potts

Young Hobbinol and Ganderetta

Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, And Her Daughter

Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester

Mrs. Richard Hoare And Child

Portrait of Rebecca Watson

Portrait Of Giuseppe Marchi

Pick-a-Back (Mrs. Payne Gallaway And Child)

A Beggar Boy And His Sister

The Infant Hercules Strangling Serpents In His Cradle

Cymon and Iphigenia

Recovery From Sickness, An Allegory

The Sleeping Child

Leicester Stanhope, Fifth Earl of Harrington

Mrs. Sheridan

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Joshua Reynolds (1723 – 1792, English)

(Part III)

Mordaunt Ricketts

The Vandergucht Children

John Parker And His Sister Theresa

Elizabeth, Countess of Pembroke, And Her Son

 George Grenville, Earl Temple,
With His Wife Mary and Their Son Richard

Ladies Amabel And Mary Jemima Yorke

Stephen Croft, Jr.

The Braddyll Family

Lady Cockburn and Three of Her Sons

Edward Morant And His Son John

Lady Elizabeth Delmé And Her Children

Mrs. Hartley As A Nymph With A Young Bacchus


Little Rogue

Child Baptist In The Wilderness

The Holy Family With The Infant St. John

Venus Chiding Cupid


The Mouse

(3 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I and Part II)

Joshua Reynolds (1723 – 1792, English)

(Part II)

Jonathan Buttall, The Blue Boy

The Angerstein Children

Margaret Beckford and Susan Euphemia Beckford

A Fortune-Teller

The Strawberry Girl

Lady Caroline Howard

Cupid Undoing Venus’s Belt

Thomas And Martha Neate With Tutor

Emily Anderson as Little Red Riding Hood

Mrs. Joseph Martin And Her Son

William Brummell And George Bryan Brummell

Charlotte Grenville, Lady Williams-Wynn, And Her Children

Jane Hamilton And Her Daughter Jane

Cupid As A Link Boy

Boy Holding A Bunch Of Grapes

The Eliot Family

The Marlborough Family


Puck or Robin Goodfellow


John Fane, Lord Burghersh

(2 – to be continued)

(see also: Part I)

Joshua Reynolds (1723 – 1792, English)

(Part I)

Miss Bowles – Love Me, Love My Dog

The Infant Samuel

The Calling Of Samuel

Miss Beatrix Lister

The Age Of Innocence

Miss Cocks And Her Niece

The Reading Boy

Master Hare

The Young Fortune Teller

A Child’s Portrait In Different Views – Angel’s Heads

The Infant Academy

Ugolino And His Children

Thomas John Clavering and Catherine Mary Clavering

Two Boys By Candlelight, Blowing A Bladder

Simplicity Dawson

Lady Elizabeth Hamilton

Countess Harrington

Master Bunbury

Georgiana, Countess Spencer, And Her Daughter

Lady Caroline Scott as Winter

Lady Charlotte Smyth And Her Children

Boy In Venetian Dress

(1 – to be continued)