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Russell Sambrook (1891 – 1956, American)

Puppy Love – An Early Romance

Those Muscles!

A March Hatter

Concerned Doctor

Boy Whispering Into Grandfather’s Ear – A Christmas Wish

Girl Whispering Into Grandmother’s Ear – A Christmas Wish

Children Watching Man Put Up Circus Poster

Almost Got It!

Cooking School For Brides

Girls Club


Daddy’s Asleep

Light On A Difficult Situation

Birthday Surprise

You Tell Your Mother!

Boy Chasing Bees With A Bouquet Of Flowers

Treating The Pooch

Naughty Boys

Grandma And Football

title unknown

First Prize

Over Packed Vacation

Sick Pooch

Teasing Classmate

The Trombonist

Union Carbide advertisement

Who Dat? – Intrepid Hunter

C’mon Dog

April Fool’s Day


Little Angel

Little Bear Behind

Eat Your Own

title unknown