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James Sant (1820 – 1916, English)

(Part II)

The Fairy Tale

The Honourable Arthur Vistor Agar-Robartes And
The Honourable Edith Violet Kathleen Agar-Robartes

In The Park

The Artist’s Wife, Elizabeth, With Their Daughter, Mary Edith


The Per Bullfinch

title unknown

Three Daughters

Young Girl Holding A Book

Winfred Rose Ames And Catherine Mary Ames

Portrait Of Julie

An English Rose


Major Dennistoun As A Boy

The Infant Timothy Unfolding The Scriptures

A Child Holding A Posy, Ivy In Her Hair

Carolie, 3rd Countess Of Mount Edgcumbe,
With Her Two Youngest Children, Charles And Ernestine

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Portrait Of The Russell Sisters

Felix Lyde Ames

(See also: Part I)

James Sant (1820 – 1916, English)

(Part I)

The First Sense Of Sorrow

The Children Of Major H. Barrett Of Moredon, Taunton

The Student

Little Red Riding Hood

Claude Ponsonby

Children In The Wood

A Girl Reading

Lord Almeric Athelstan Spencer-Churchill
And Lady Clementina Spencer-Churchill

The Gipsy Girl

The Twins

The Schoolmaster’s Daughter

Wild Flowers

Walker Sisters

The Hon. Julian And The Hon. Lionel Byng


The Infant Samuel

Wistful Child



(1 – to be continued)