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Arthur Sarnoff (1912 – 2000, American)

(Part II)

Monday Morning

Mother’s My Pin-Up Girl

See Here, Private Hargrove!

American Weekly cover

When Two Or Three Shall Meet

Sleep Soundly

The Jack of Hearts Stole Some Tarts

The World’s Greatest Show Of Guaranteed Values For Mom

The Sublimation Of Mrs. Potter

Vick’s Vapo Rub

His Lifelong Friend From The Day He Arrives

Mother And Son

(See also: Part I)

Arthur Sarnoff (1912 – 2000, American)

(Part I)

Boy and Girl Kissing

Kids And Dog On The Hill

Kids And Dog Under A Tree

Kids On The Swing

Boy & Girl By The Church

Boy & Girl Fishing

Traffic Stoppers

Shop Class

Painting Class

Farmer Instructing 4H Class

Cycle Safety

Boys Diving

Daisy Field

Mother And Daughter In The Garden


(1 – to be continued)