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Adrienne Segur (1901 – 1981, French)

(Part III)

The Girl Who Walked On Bread

Snow White And Rose Red

The Angel

Big Book Of Cats

Alenka And Her Brother

The Legend Of Rossignol

The Rose Of Christmas

The Christmas Of Little Apple

Jorinda And Joringel

Catherine’s Wolf


Nutcracker – Godfather Drosselmayer

Nutcracker – Marie

Nutcracker – With Fritz

Nutcracker – The Little Man In The Wooden Jacket

Nutcracker – The Doll Kingdom

Three Dwarfs Of The Forest

Hans And The Striped Cat

The Little Old Woman In The Forest

Philippine And The Lute Player

Urashima And The Turtle

The Marriage Of The Shoemaker

Yorinde And Yoringue

(See also: Part I and Part II)

Adrienne Segur (1901 – 1981, French)

(Part II)

The Red Shoes

Gerda And The Bird

The Wild Swans


The Little Mermaid

The Charming Prince

Little Red Riding Hood


The Golden Bird

Vassilissa The Beautiful

That Stupid Jack And His Cat

The Little Lamb

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The Wild Swans

The Golden Bird

Vassilissa The Beautiful

Grain Of The Wing

Oneeye, Twoeyes, Threeeyes

Kay At The Window

The Parakeet

The Three Little Men In The Forest

Melito And His Soul

The Little Old Woman

(2 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I)

Adrienne Segur (1901 – 1981, French)

(Part I)

Little Brother And Sister

L’histoire d’une mère

Bright, Deardeer And Kit

The Cat, The Sparrow And The Little Gentleman

Baba Yaga’s Cat

Winter’s Promised Bride

The Seven Crow Princess

Alice – The Rabbit Is Late

Alice – The Creatures Of Wonderland

Alice – One Side Will Make You Grow Larger

Alice  – The Jabberwock

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen



Thumbelina In The Forest

The Little Match Girl

Finn The Keen Falcon

Kuzma And The Fox

The 12 Months

The Fir Tree

The Boy Who Drew Cats

(1 – to be continued)