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Amos Sewell (1901 – 1983, American)

Out Of Ice Cream

Banana Split

School Orchestra

Dance Cotillion

Kids Playing Cowboy

Building the Doghouse

Boy With Dog

Refrigerator Raid

Backyard Campers

Parents’ Reveille

Morning Coffee Break

Rowdy Bus Ride

Baseball In The Hospital

Wading Pool – Dad Stealing Kid And Dog’s Pool

Playing Cowboy

Swing Set

Tricking Trick-Or-Treaters

The Well Meaning Kidnapper

Small Fry

Pontiac advertisement

title unknown


Deserted II

(See also: Part I)


Amos Sewell (1901 – 1983, American)

(Part I)

Little Boy With Dirty Hands

Brushing Their Teeth

Eavesdropping On Love

Scuba In The Tub

Christmas Photograph

Let Freedom Ring

Dog Pound

Backyard Dog Show

Dad, The Fish Are Biting

Goodnight Kiss

Visiting The Grandparents

Leaving Grocery In Rain

Row, We're Out Of Gas

Space Traveller

First Pair Of Heels

Automobile Showroom

title unknown

Gentle Like A Cyclone

Big Day Coming

title unknown

Christmas Sermon

Our World


(1 – to be continued)