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Haddon Sundblom (1899 – 1976, American)

2500Santa Claus With Two Children Asleep

Christmas Together...Welcoming A Fighting Man Back From WarChristmas Together…Welcoming A Fighting Man Back From War

Santa And The New RefrigeratorSanta And The New Refrigerator

545title unknown

New YearNew Year

When A Little Girl Needs Her MotherWhen A Little Girl Needs Her Mother

Is Gran'pa Really DeadIs Gran’pa Really Dead?

How Little She Really Understands HerselfHow Little She Really Understands Herself

The Terrible Miss DoveThe Terrible Miss Dove

First GradeFirst Grade

He Thinks He's So BigHe Thinks He’s So Big

When He Begins To GrowWhen He Begins To Grow

Books Are Keys That Unlock The Past, The Present And The FutureBooks Are Keys That Unlock The Past,
The Present And The Future

Dinner BlessingDinner Blessing

546Geography Lesson

270Preparing To Go To Bed

Sunday AfternoonSunday Afternoon

Yes, Your Baby Is Growing UpYes, Your Baby Is Growing Up

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Haddon Sundblom (1899 – 1976, American)

Santa Claus

Holiday Ideas

Sleeping Through Santa’s Visit

For Santa

Child And Santa By The Refrigerator

Santa Claus And Two Children


Baby’s First Christmas

Family In A Field Of Buttercups

Country Gentleman

Natural Loveliness

Tenderness – Mother And Child

696title unknown

sundChildren Playing With Kite

Rules 'n' RegulationsRules ‘n’ Regulations

Almost Everyone Appreciates The BestAlmost Everyone Appreciates The Best

Refresh Yourself!Refresh Yourself!

Buying Flowers For MotherBuying Flowers For Mother