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Thu Nguyen (Vietnamese-born American)

Star MakerStar Maker

January AfternoonJanuary Afternoon

My Little Cheese CakeMy Little Cheese Cake

Enfamil At Ha Long Bay, VietnamEnfamil At Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Amelie-An's WorldAmelie-An’s World

On The DivideOn The Divide

Summer Morning, Cabot ArkansasSummer Morning, Cabot Arkansas

The Valentine DressThe Valentine Dress


Attitude 2Attitude 2

A Line Between Ocean And Sand 1A Line Between Ocean And Sand

A Line Between Ocean And SandA Line Between Ocean And Sand

Baby Bath MamaBaby Bath Mama

Why Me?Why Me?


Sweet DreamSweet Dream


Learning To TalkLearning To Talk


Amelie-An 2Amelie-An 2

Amelie-An 3Amelie-An 3

Amelie-An 4Amelie-An 4

Amelie-An 5Amelie-An 5

Amelie-An 6Amelie-An 6

Amelie-An 7Amelie-An 7

Amelie-An 8Amelie-An 8

Amelie-An 9Amelie-An 9

Amelie-An 10Amelie-An 10

Amelie-An 11Amelie-An 11

Amelie-An 12Amelie-An 12

Amelie-An 15Amelie-An 15

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