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Jules Trayer (1824 – 1909, French)

A Breton Infants SchoolA Breton Infants School

The New ArrivalThe New Arrival

The Young MotherThe Young Mother

Mother's DarlingMother’s Darling

A Tender MomentA Tender Moment

The Embroidery LessonThe Embroidery Lesson

The LessonThe Lesson

81title unknown

The SeamstressThe Seamstress

Young Girl SewingYoung Girl Sewing

Breton Peasant GirlBreton Peasant Girl

Saturday Afternoon On The Coast Of NormandySaturday Afternoon On The Coast Of Normandy

Marché aux chiffons dans le FinistèreMarché aux chiffons dans le Finistère

Réunion de familleRéunion de famille

A Moment's RestA Moment’s Rest

The New DressThe New Dress

Mother Teaching Daughter PrayersMother Teaching Daughter Prayers