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Unsigned (XIX Century, German)

Unsigned (XIX Century, German) - Decorating The Christmas TreeDecorating The Christmas Tree

Unsigned (XIX Century, English)

Elves Delivering Christmas GiftsElves Delivering Christmas Gifts

The Christmas TreeThe Christmas Tree

Nativity SceneNativity Scene

The Christ ChildThe Christ Child

Unsigned (XX Century, Russian)

 Don't Cry, My GrandfatherMy Dear Grandfather, Don’t Cry

Unsigned (XVIII Century, German)

Unsigned (German, XVIII) - Sisters in PinkSisters In Pink

Unsigned (XVI Century, Dutch)

Little Girl With Basket Of CherriesLittle Girl With Basket Of Cherries

Unsigned (XIX Century, Peruvian)

XIX Century, school of Cuzco) - Madonna and Child Madonna And Child (School of Cuzco)
(painting courtesy of Manoj Chohuan)

Unsigned (XIX Century, American)

Two Girls

Girl With Ringlets In Pink Dress

Girl With Blue Ribbon In Her Hair

Family Portrait

Mother With Children At Bedtime

Two Children Admiring A Bird

Confederate Soldier And Nurse With Daughter

Home Sweet Home