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Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1793 – 1865, Austrian)

(Part IV)

The Young Boy With the Stable-Lantern

After The School

A Traveling Family Of Beggars Is Rewarded By Poor Peasants On Christmas Eve

The Grandmother's Birthday

Children Making Their Grandmother A Present On Her Name Day

Girl Lost In Contemplation Of An Image Of The Virgin

The Veneration Of St. John Nepomuk

Christmas Morning

Grandfather's Birthday

Returning From the Fair

Palm Sunday

Extreme Unction

Philippine Bohmer - Girl With Straw Hat

The Homecoming

Family Odkolek

Antonia Seemann

Children With Grapes

title unknown

title unknown

Homecoming From the Harvest (On Lake Zug)

Church Attendance In The Spring

Returning Home After The Wedding

The Request Of The Child


 (See also: Part I, Part II and Part III)

Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1793 – 1865, Austrian)

(Part III)


Parting Of The Parents


Children Decorate The Hat Of A Conscript

Children Received Their Breakfast

The Evicted – After Confiscation

Family Kerzmann

Mrs. A. von Winiwarter With Her Son

Laughing Peasant Boy

Shelter From The Approaching Storm

The Attachment

The Bailout – The Last Calf

The Lesson

The Day Laborer With His Son

At The Fountain In Taormina

The Departure Of The Conscript

Farewell To The Bride

Depleted Power

The Sick Pilgrim

Early Spring In The Wienerwald

Young Mother With Her Child

Waldmuller - The PrayerThe Prayer

The Violets Seller

The Enrolment Of The Binder-Apprentice

(3 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I and Part II)

Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1793 – 1865, Austrian)

(Part II)

Young Peasant Woman With Three Children At The Window

Portrait Of A Boy

Old Veteran With Children

At The Monastery


At The Farrier

Julia Comtesse Apraxin

Count Demetrius  Apraxin

The Center Of Attention

Farewell To the Bride By The Parents

Refreshment At The City’s Fountain Of Taormina

Singing Children

The Gierster Family

The Class Prize

The Cured

The Peep-Show Man – Man With Stereoscope

Early Spring In The Vienna Woods

Mother’s Joy

Portrait of The Future Austrian Emperor, Franz Josef

The Pilgrims Resting

title unknown

Children Coming From School

Venetian Fruit Seller

A Beggar Boy At The Hohe Brucke

(2 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I)

Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1793 – 1865, Austrian)

(Part I)

Children At The Window

Corpus Christi Morning

The Charitable Gift

Children Of Poor Parents Get Winter Clothes
From The Community On Spittelberg On Saint-Michael Day

Revival To New Life

Mother With Children

Girl Adorns The Virgin Mary With A Rose

Mother Returning Home With Her Children

The Soup Kitchen – The Cloister Soup

Brushwood Collectors In The Vienna Woods

The Violets Pickers

Homecoming Into The Fathers House

Peasant Wedding In Lower Austria

The Bridesmaid – Maid With Garland

Construction Laborers Received Their Breakfast

After Confirmation – The Departure Of The Godmother

Little Girl At The Window

Dr. Josef  Eltz And His Family

The Homecoming – Coming Home From War

Johann Feldmuller With His Two Children

Returning From The Field

A Journey Refused

The Siblings – Boy And Girl

title unknown

Two Poor Girls Share Their Bread

(1 – to be continued)