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Karl Witkowski (1860 – 1910, Polish-born American)

Happy Days

Caught One


Stealing Apples

Teasing My Best Friend

Knucks Down

Boy With An Apple


Look What I Have

Gathering Daisies

Playing With Fire

The Slingshot

Begging For Cherries

Under The Mistletoe

Mending The Baseball

One For Two

Shoeshine Boy


Street Urchins

Anticipation – The Bubble Blower

Their First Smoke

April Showers

Waiting For A Bite

A Can Of WormsA Can Of Worms

First CigarettesFirst Cigarettes

My PigeonsMy Pigeons

At The CampfireAt The Campfire

Guarding The Flower BasketGuarding The Flower Basket

Shoeshine BoysShoeshine Boys

One Paper LeftOne Paper Left

The Temptation Of AdamThe Temptation Of Adam

Drawin' Your PictureDrawin Your Picture

about Witkowski: read an excellent article on Wikipedia