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Thomas Waterman Wood (1823 – 1903, American)

Autumn LeavesAutumn Leaves

Neglecting TradeNeglecting Trade

Fresh EggsFresh Eggs

Not An EggNot An Egg

Private LunchPrivate Lunch

The Match SellerThe Match Seller

The Flower GirlThe Flower Girl

There's One - Catch 'em!There’s One – Catch ‘em!

Spelling It Out (The Shoeshine Boy)Spelling It Out (The Shoeshine Boy)

Curbstone Piliteness (Have A Segar)Curbstone Piliteness (Have A Segar)

The Yankee PedlarThe Yankee Pedlar

Feeding TimeFeeding Time

The Village Post OfficeThe Village Post Office

Arguing The QuestionArguing The Question

The Quack DoctorThe Quack Doctor

Two Cents A Piece, SirTwo Cents A Piece, Sir

In The Jelly JarIn The Jelly Jar


Spring VioletsSpring Violets

The American FarmerThe American Farmer

The KittenThe Kitten

Sunday MorningSunday Morning