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Hans Zatzka (1859 – 1945, Austrian)

small_Portrait of Haunz Javorasky Dressed As A SailorPortrait Of Haunz Javorasky Dressed As A Sailor

Girl With Butterfly

Mother With Children

Madonna And Child


Little Cherub

An Allegory Of Fall

Holy Family

Who Goes There?

(signed with the pseudonym “P. Ronsard”)

A Classical Idyll

A Message From Cupid

Divinity And Innocence

Child Angel – Cherub

Madonna And Child

A Sweet Dream

An Allegory Of Love

Venus And Her Attendants – Cherry Time

Venus And Cupid

Virgin Mary With Jesus

In Love

title unknown

Madonna And Child

Love Is In The Air

In The Night Sky – The Night Fairies

The Love Letter

The Love Letter

Madonna With Child

The Fountain Of Love – At Cupid’s Fountain

The Goddess Of Spring

Madonna With Child


The Spring Of Life

The Song Of Spring

Spring Concert

Mother And Child

Preparing For The Festivities