Filippo Baratti (1849 – 1936, Italian)

Horse Guards, Whitehall

Horse Guards, Whitehall (detail)

Life Guards Passing Hyde Park Corner

Norbert Goeneutte (1854 – 1894, French)

La leçon

La lecture

Reine Goeneutte lavant le jeune Jean Guérard

Enfants jouant sur la plage

The Guitarist

Jean Buhot

La soupe du matin

Mère et enfant aux cerises

Portrait d’enfant

Charles Goeneutte, frère de l’Artiste

title unknown

Deux fillettes

Ralph Peacock (1868 – 1946, English)

Mary Dowie

Mrs. Evelyn Mary Agnew, née Naylor, with two of her children

Girl In Christmas Clothes

Young Girl Seated In A Panelled Room


Ellen Fox

Irene And Helen In White Dresses

The Sisters


title unknown

Young Woman

Miss Wilson

Master Wilson

Girl With A Doll

George Michael Kerr

Young Boy Sitting On A Stool

Master John S. Schilizi

Young Bridesmaid

Hildegarde Lasell

Young Boy With A Seashell

Portrait Of A Boy

Roderick Peter George Denman

Gladys Cooper In A White Dress

Young Girl In Blue Dress

The Dance

Gerardo Sacristan Torralba (1907 – 1964, Spanish)

Niña con muñeca

Joven campesino de Cameros

Margaret Bernadine Hall (1863 – 1910, English)

Vasily Surikov (1848 – 1916, Russian)

The Artist’s Daughter, Olga

Olga Surikova In Childhood

Boy Nude

Morning Of The Strelets Execution

Morning Of The Strelets Execution (detail)

Thoughtful Teenager

Young Boy

On Nevsky Prospect On Day

Girl With Red Dress

O. V. Surikova

Lesley Thiel (English)