Jacob van Oost the Elder (1601 – 1671, Belgian)

David Bearing The Head Of Goliath

Portrait Of A Boy As St. John the Baptist

Portrait Of A Boy With A Pipe

Two Boys Before An Easel

The Reading Lesson

Portrait Of A Boy Aged 11

Portrait Of A Young Boy

The Artist’s Studio

Portrait Of A Bruges Family

The Fortune Teller

Adoration Of The Shepherds

Adoration Of The Shepherds

The Holy Family

painting in the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk, Bruges


Frederick Morgan (1847 – 1927, English)

(Part I)

Which One Do You Love Best?

His Turn Next

Helping Grandpa

His First Birthday

Nursing A Poorly Duckling

Off To The Fair


Feeding The Rabbits

Young Girls At The Edge Of A Cornfield


After School

Children Playing

The Toy Parade

The Butterfly

Not Far To Go

The Coming Nelson

A Day On The River

Cherry Pickers

Over The Garden Wall

Sea Horses

(1 – to be continued)

Le Thi Luu (1911 – 1988, Vietnamese)

Jeune mère aux jonques

Mère et enfant

Mother and Child

Petit garçon

Mother and Child

La rescapée

Mother and Child

Smiling Girl With Flowers In A Landscape

Children Picking Flowers

Jeune fille

Karl Pavlovich Briullov (1799 – 1852, Russian)

Portrait Of Duchess Yuliya Samoilova Departing From The Ball
With Amalicia Paccini, Her Adopted Daughter


Portrait of the Children Volkonskiye with Negro

Portrait of Mariya Arkadyevna Bek with Daughter

Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna with Daughter Mariya

Portrait of Countess Olga Ivanovna Orlova-Davydova
with Daughter Natalya Vladimirovna

Italian Woman With A Child By A Window

Death of Inessa de Castro, Morganatic Wife of Portuguese Infant Don Pedro

The Last Days of Pompeii

Mother Awoken By Her Crying Child

Self-Portrait With Baroness Meller-Zakomelskaya And A Girl In A Boat

Portrait Of Anatole Demidoff, Prince de San Donato

Portrait of Teresa Michelle Tittoni With Her Sons

Portrait of Maria Kikina As A Child

Child In A Swimming Pool
(Portrait Of Prince A.G.Gagarin In Childhood)

Cesar Santos (1982, Cuban)



Venus And Cupid

Sand Angels


Chico In Red

Scandinavian Girl

Michael Peter Ancher (1849 – 1927, Danish)

A Young Girl Reading (Maren Sofie Olsen)

Anna Ancher With Helga

A Village School In Skagen

Teddy’s Company

Anna Ancher With Helga In The Garden


A Fisherman’s Tale With Fox Terrier

Woman With Jens

Helga Ancher

Children And Young Girls Picking Flowers In A Meadow North Of Skagen


Helga Ancher

Helga Ancher Aged 11

Young Girl Crocheting

M. Ancher - Maren Sofie OlsenMaren Sofie Olsen

Girl In Red Dress

Is The Water Cold?

Sunday Afternoon – Interior With A Girl Reading

Helga Ancher Painting Daffodils

Henny Brodersen And Her Youngest Son, Fin

A Baptism

A Summerday In Skagen – Children Listening To The Fiddler

Father And Son In Skagen

Boys Riding Horses In Water

Two Boys At Dinner

Portrait Of Little Girl

William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 – 1905, French)

(Part II)

Alma Parens

La priere


Amour a l’affut

Le crabe

La Charité

Douleur d’Amour

Etude, tete de jeune fille

La petite Esméralda

Le repos

Fardeau agreable

L’eveil du coeur


Rest At Harvest

La tricoteuse


Admiration maternelle

Les agneaux

Premières caresses

Reve de Printemps

Sainte Famille

Au bord du ruisseau

Parure des champs




(2 – to be continued)

(see also: Part I)