Ariane Beigneux (1918 – 2011, American)

Song Of The Bluebird

Hello Bluebird

Redheaded Girl Watching Bluebird

title unknown




A Boy

Ariane_Beigneuxtitle unknown

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73379098_scan0011title unknown

A.Beigenux 2title unknown

A.Beigneux 3title unknown

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Baby Girl In Snow With Fur MuffBaby Girl In Snow With Fur Muff

He's Warm NowHe’s Warm Now

A Step Ahead

title unknown

Wang Dajun (1958, Chinese)

title unknown

title unknown

title unknown



Image Of Children

Julia Bekhova (1964, Russian)


Mother And Child, Silence


Portrait With Kranah’s Madonna

Pierre Jean Edmond Castan (1817 – 1892, French)

Blind Man’s Bluff

Le marchand d’etoffes

A Son’s Devotion

Attention – Teaching The Dog New Tricks


La poupée

Waiting For The Catch

La famille du fabricant de paniers

Coming Out Of Church

Cottage Interior With Children Blowing Bubbles

Bread For The Poor

title unknown

Kitchen Scene

Homework Time

The Toy Sailboat

The Fly Catcher

Mother Knows Best

Tatyana Fedorova (1952, Russian)

Romantic Portrait With White Roses

Portrait With Amaryllises

Ada Dennis (XIX Century, English)

Snow White And The Disguised Queen

Little Red Riding Hood

Gilbert Gaul (1855 – 1919, American)

Rainy Day In The Garret

The Young Hunter

The Song Of Victory

The Apple Picker

Gone Fishing

Portrait Of The Artist’s Nephew

Take One

Mexican Children