Alex Colville (1920, Canadian)

Family And Rainstorm

Child And Dog


Kirill Lemokh (1841 – 1910, Russian)




New Family Member

Two Young Peasant Girls

In The Summer

Drunk Husband

Girl With Flowers

Children At The Piano

New Acquaintance

Beggar Girl

Girl Nursing Chickens

Without Bread

Peasant Boy

Young Gamblers

Parents Joy


Nerida de Jong (1945, Australian)

After The Bath

Sleeping Mother And Baby

Hanging The Curtains

Aitutaki C.I

title unknown

A Walk In The Snow

Le Chapeau Rouge

title unknown

(Nerida de Jong official site)

Christian J. Walter (1872 – 1938, American)

When The Sandman Comes

Peter Lely (1618 – 1680, English)

Portrait Of Lady Charlotte Fitzroy With Her Indian Page

A Boy As A Shepherd

Charles I And The Duke Of York

Portrait Of Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castelmaine,
With Her Son, Charles Fitzroy

Portrait Of A Young Lady And Child
(possibly Barbara Villiers, Countess Of Castelmaine)

Mademoiselle Louise de la Vallière and her children

Portrait Of The Children Of the Markgraaf de Trazegnies

Boy Playing A Jew’s Harp

Portrait Of Nell Gwynne

Portrait Of Winston and Arabella Churchill,
Children of Sir Winston Churchill

Sir John Cotton And Family

Group Portrait Of Charles Dormer, His Wife Elizabeth And Their Children

Portrait Of Charles Dormer, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon

Double Portrait Of Charles Dormer And His Sister Lady Elizabeth Dormer

Isabella Dormer Aged 8

Lady Elizabeth Noel Wriothesley

Lady Henrietta Mordaunt

Girl With A Parrot

A Child Of The Capel Family

The Chesterfield Portrait –
Portrait Of Two Boys, Philip Stanhope And His Brother Charles

Sir Edward Hales And His Family

Henry, Duke Of Gloucester

Finding Of Moses

Head Of A Young Boy

Jacques Emile Blanche (1861 – 1942, French)

Fillette à la bobine de fil

Portrait Of A Girl Seated In A Landscape

Cabinet de toilette

Fillette (Lucie Esnault au psyché)

The Poet Francis Viele-Griffin And His Family

Madame Sara Unzué de Madero And Her Daughters

Jeune fille

Young Girl In A Hat With Poppies

Lucie dans l’atelier


The Son Of The Rabbi And His Daughter

Le peintre Thaulow et ses enfants

Mater Dolorosa

Portrait of Narischkin

Portrait de Claude Mauriac enfant

Portrait Of Antonin De Mun As A Young Boy

Gustavo Montoya (1905 – 2003, Mexican)

Ninos Mexicanos

Nina con sombrilla

title unknown

Nina con papagayo

Nina con arpa

Las gemelas

Nina con frutas

Nina con batea

Nina con muneca

title unknown

Nina con mandolin

Nina con guitarra

Nino con alcancia

Nino en amarillo

Nino con puerco

Nina en amarilla con puerco

Ninas con paraguas

Nina de rosa

Gallinita ciega