Frank Hector Tompkins (1847 – 1922, American)

Mother And ChildMother And Child

The Young MotherThe Young Mother

Hester PrynneHester Prynne

Grandmother's ApprovalGrandmother’s Approval

Julia In The FieldJulia In The Field

The Embankment, Parker Hill, BostonThe Embankment, Parker Hill, Boston

Child Picking FlowersChild Picking Flowers

In The Alley - Little Girl With KittensIn The Alley – Little Girl With Kittens

Young Girl Picking FlowersYoung Girl Picking Flowers

Władysław Czachórski (1850 – 1911, Polish)


Portrait Of Wladka, The Artist's SonPortrait Of Wladka, The Artist’s Son

Girl With FanGirl With Fan

czachorskkiiSketch Of Boy

Augustus Leopold Egg (1816 – 1863, English)

The New PupilThe New Pupil

Past And Present, No. 1Past And Present, No. 1

The New DollThe New Doll

The Rev And Mrs Palmer Lovell With Their Daughters Georgina And ChristinaThe Rev. And Mrs. Palmer Lovell
With Their Daughters Georgina And Christina

Emil Czech (1862 – 1929, Czech)

Summer's DaySummer’s Day


Emil_Czechtitle unknown

Italian Peasant GirlItalian Peasant Girl

The New BornThe New Born

Mother's JoyMother’s Joy

Putti Dancing And PlayingPutti Dancing And Playing

Maxim Tsagaraev (1951, Russian)


Masha DreamsMasha Dreams

Charles Cres (1850 – 1908, French)

Mother and ChildMother And Daughter

Robert Barnes (1840 – 1895, English)

Child SewingChild Sewing

A Merry-Go-Round On The IceA Merry-Go-Round On The Ice

A Balancing ActA Balancing Act

Overseeing The ChoresOverseeing The Chores

Time For A SnackTime For A Snack

Boy Holding An Apple For A GirlBoy Holding An Apple For A Girl

Boy Tying A Girl's ShoeBoy Tying A Girl’s Shoe

Boy Sketching A Man With Two Girls WatchingBoy Sketching A Man With Two Girls Watching

Girl SewingGirl Sewing

Girl Playing With CoalGirl Playing With Coal

Two Girls Playing - Tea PartyTwo Girls Playing – Tea Party

Girl Reading A Picture BookGirl Reading A Picture Book

The PleaThe Plea

Helping GardenerHelping Gardener