William Moore (1790 – 1851, English)

Family Portrait - A Mother And ChildrenFamily Portrait – A Mother And Children

Children And Their DogChildren And Their Dog

Two Brothers And Two Sisters (possibly members of the Alcock Family)Two Brothers And Two Sisters
(possibly members of the Alcock Family)

The Young Gardeners - Three Siblings With A Dog.bmpThe Young Gardeners – Three Siblings With A Dog

Young Mother And ChildYoung Mother And Child

Mr. Whitaker At The Age Of 3Mr. Whitaker At The Age Of 3

Child At A Rabbit HutchChild At A Rabbit Hutch

Portrait Of A ChildPortrait Of A Child

A Young UrchinA Young Urchin

Selina Crawford Caffin (1813 – 1906, English)

The Cake In DangerThe Cake In Danger

Lee (XX Century, American)

The ModsThe Mods







The Love SongThe Love Song

Lemonade StandLemonade Stand

Free KittinsFree Kittins

Boy And Dog FishingBoy And Dog Fishing


Boy and Girl in SpringBoy and Girl in Spring

Boy And Girl In SummerBoy And Girl In Summer

Boy And Girl In AutumnBoy And Girl In Autumn

Boy And Girl In WinterBoy And Girl In Winter







leeBeach Kids





Carl Fruwirth (1862 – 1930, Austrian)

Fisher FamilyFisher Family

Waiting For The Return HomeWaiting For The Return Home

Nino Caffè (1908 – 1975, Italian)

Famiglia del circoFamiglia del circo (Circus Family)

Constantijn Netscher (1668 – 1723, Dutch)

Young Lady With Her ChildYoung Lady With Her Child

Princess Palatine, Mother Of The RegentPrincess Palatine, Mother Of The Regent

Seated Boy With Dog And ParrotSeated Boy With Dog And Parrot

The Children Of Francisco Lopez-SuassoThe Children Of Francisco Lopez-Suasso

Lady Harriet BentinckLady Harriet Bentinck

Young Boy Holding A Crop And A Toy HorseYoung Boy Holding A Crop And A Toy Horse

Young Girl Picking RosesYoung Girl Picking Roses

Boy With A DogBoy With A Dog

A Mother And Daughter In An InteriorA Mother And Daughter In An Interior

Noble GirlNoble Girl

Young Girl Holding A RoseYoung Girl Holding A Rose

Young Boy Dressed As HunterYoung Boy Dressed As Hunter

Wilhelm Heinrich Funk (1866 – 1949, German-born American)

The Knitting LessonThe Knitting Lesson

Young Girl With Pink HatYoung Girl With Pink Hat

Dorothy McK - The Scottish GirlDorothy McK – The Scottish Girl

La petite AngelineLa petite Angeline