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William Gale (1823 – 1909, English)

An Eastern BeautyAn Eastern Beauty

Elijah And The Widow's SonElijah And The Widow’s Son

The Holy FamilyThe Holy Family

The Broken PitcherThe Broken Pitcher

Portrait Of A GirlPortrait Of A Girl

Rocking The BabyRocking The Baby


Abraham Sending Away Hagar And IshmaelAbraham Sending Away Hagar And Ishmael

The Wailing Wall In Jerusalem (1863)The Wailing Wall In Jerusalem

A Young GirlA Young Girl

Christening DayChristening Day

The ConvalescentThe Convalescent

Goodnight KissGoodnight Kiss

A Summer GarlandA Summer Garland

The Daisy ChainThe Daisy Chain

Josef Danhauser (1805 – 1845, Austrian)

Motherly Love - The Artist's WifeMotherly Love – The Artist’s Wife

The SleepersThe Sleepers

The Sleeping ArtistThe Sleeping Artist

The Penny To The WidowThe Penny To The Widow

Lady Gives Alms To A Beggar And His SonLady Gives Alms To A Beggar And His Son

Abraham Banishes HagarAbraham Banishes Hagar And Ishmael

The Fisherman's Wife And Her ChildThe Fisherman’s Wife And Her Child

The Fisherman's WifeThe Fisherman’s Wife

536title unknown

The Gottscheer BoyThe Gottscheer Boy

Little VirtuousLittle Virtuous

The Eye DoctorThe Eye Doctor

The AdoptionThe Adoption

Wine, Women And SongWine, Women And Song

Children Eating CherriesChildren Eating Cherries

A Family Resting At SunsetA Family Resting At Sunset

Opening Of The WillOpening Of The Will

Look UpLook Up

A Little Boy On A JerryA Little Boy On A Jerry

Jan Victors (1619 – 1676, Dutch)

The Expulsion of Hagar

Abraham And Isaac Before The Sacrifice

Hannah Giving Her Son Samuel To The Priest Eli

Moses Parting Of Jethro

Jacob Blessing The Sons Of Joseph


Market Scene With A Quack At His Stall

A Market Scene

The Blind Fiddler

Ford Madox Brown (1821 – 1893, English)

(Part I)

The Pretty Baa-Lambs

Wiliam Tell’s Son

The English Boy

The Irish Girl

Mauvais Sujet

Oure Ladye of Good Children

The Widow’s Son

Joseph’s Coat – The Coat Of Many Colours

Take Your Son, Sir

Chetham’s Life Dream
(mural in Manchester Town Hall)

 John Dalton Collecting Marsh Fire Gas

 John Kay Inventor Of The Fly Shuttle A.D. 1753

Millie Smith

Elizabeth Clara Bromley

Catherine Madox Brown

Cathy Madox Brown At The Age Of Three

The Young Mother

Abraham and Isaac

(1 – to be continued)

Gerhardt Wilhelm von Reutern (1794 – 1865, Russian)

Peasant Woman With Sleeping Child

Abraham Sacrificing Isaac

At The Cemetery In Willingshausen

The Holy Family

Flower Girl In Costume

Horace Vernet (1789 – 1863, French)

Agar chassée par Abraham

Raphael And Pope Leo X

The Veteran At Home

Scene Of The French Campaign

Slava Groshev (1968, Russian)

(Part I)

Red Hat

Red Hat At Granny’s House

Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Little Mermaids

Rose, Presented By A Boy


Her First Rendezvous

The Three Graces

Abraham And Isaac

Sarah And Isaac

Girl With Holy Bible

Rabbi’s Son



Girl Interrupted

Sleeping Beauty

Pensive Mood

Girl With Red Apple

Portrait Of A Girl

Gymgirl With A White Suit


(1 – to be continued)