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Chris Beatrice (American)


Maurice's Valises - The Shepherd BoyMaurice’s Valises – The Shepherd Boy

Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood

Snow White And Rose RedSnow White And Rose Red

The Enchanted JugThe Enchanted Jug

Jack And The Beanstalk - The Giant KillerJack And The Beanstalk – The Giant Killer

Alice In Wonderland - The CaterpillarAlice In Wonderland – The Caterpillar


George Washington's Spy - CapturedGeorge Washington’s Spy – Captured

Prince Studying ScriptPrince Studying Script

Sun, Moon And TaliaSun, Moon And Talia

The Girl In The Iron ShoesThe Girl In The Iron Shoes

The Secret Of The Old Swing BridgeThe Secret Of The Old Swing Bridge

The Graverobber's SecretThe Graverobber’s Secret

Frog KingFrog King

East Of The Sun And West Of The MoonEast Of The Sun And West Of The Moon

87title unknown

Swamp ThingsSwamp Things

Cider Barrel DeliveryCider Barrel Delivery

The Black Acorn - TravelersThe Black Acorn – Travelers

The Black Acorn - Simon Meets The KnightThe Black Acorn – Simon Meets The Knight

The Black Acorn - Trudging Through The SnowThe Black Acorn – Trudging Through The Snow

The Black Acorn - The Last LeafThe Black Acorn – The Last Leaf

The Selfish GiantThe Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant - Building The WallThe Selfish Giant – Building The Wall

The Selfish Giant - Caught!The Selfish Giant – Caught!

The Selfish Giant - WoundedThe Selfish Giant – Wounded

The Selfish Giant - DespairThe Selfish Giant – Despair

The Selfish Giant - TransitionThe Selfish Giant – Transition

The Selfish Giant - The Garden BloomsThe Selfish Giant – The Garden Blooms

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Elena Oleniuc (Romanian)


The Bird And The ChildThe Bird And The Child




Morning GloryMorning Glory


Angel 2Angel

Angel 3Angel


Deep In ThoughtDeep In Thought

Dreaming Of FlightDreaming Of Flight


If You Have A DreamIf You Have A Dream

Michael Cheval (1966, Russian-born American)

(Part I)

Wake Up Call In Wonderland

On The Edge Of Eternity (Alexandra)

Down To Earth

Down To Earth

Mermaid’s Vague Dream

The Muse Of Spanish Heart



Lullaby For The Hero



Air Of Attraction

Covert Fruits Of Enlightenment

title unknown

Spring Of Inspiration

(1 – to be continued)

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Adrienne Segur (1901 – 1981, French)

(Part I)

Little Brother And Sister

L’histoire d’une mère

Bright, Deardeer And Kit

The Cat, The Sparrow And The Little Gentleman

Baba Yaga’s Cat

Winter’s Promised Bride

The Seven Crow Princess

Alice – The Rabbit Is Late

Alice – The Creatures Of Wonderland

Alice – One Side Will Make You Grow Larger

Alice  – The Jabberwock

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen



Thumbelina In The Forest

The Little Match Girl

Finn The Keen Falcon

Kuzma And The Fox

The 12 Months

The Fir Tree

The Boy Who Drew Cats

(1 – to be continued)

Jessie Willcox Smith (1863 – 1935, American)

(Part I)

A Mother’s Reassurance

Children’s Book Week

Daddy’s Over There

Alice In Wonderland

The Little Em’ly

David Copperfield

David Copperfield and Pegotty By The Parlour Fire

Dickens’s Children, Tiny Tim And Bob Cratchit On Christmas Day

Little Nell and Her Grandfather At Mrs. Jarley’s

Snow White And Rose Red

Sweet And Low

Bonnie As A Young Girl

A Game Of Checkers

Rocking Baby Doll to Sleep

Hansel and Gretel

Betty’s Posy Shop

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary


North Wind

Good Housekeeping

Boy On A Rocking Chair

Little Jack Horner

The Crèche, Halsey Nursery

Going To Dinner, Catharine Mission

(1 – to be continued)

Titti Garelli (1949, Italian)

(Part I)

Fuck You Christmas 



Little Red Riding Hood

Lara Croft Baby

I Like Minnie

The Sleeping Beauty

Prince Frog


Red Riding Hood

Vampire Doll

S/M Teddy Bear



Child Lingerie

Child Lingerie

Princess Ducks


title unknown

San Daniele


title unknown

The Dentist


title unknown

(1 – to be continued)

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Arthur Rackham (1867 – 1939, English)

Children By The Sea

The Night Before Christmas

To Bethlehem – A Christmas Masque

Alice In Wonderland

Alice – A Mad Tea Party

Alice – The Rabbit Sends In A Little Bill



Bye Baby Bunting

Snow Queen

King Of The Golden River

The Emperor’s New Clothes

See-Saw, Margery Daw

The Little Mermaid

A Fairy Song

Goblin Market – Laura Would Call The Little Ones

Wandering About And Boo-hoo-ing

Brother And Sister

Sleepy Hollow – Marvellous Tales Of Haunted Fields

Sleepy Hollow – Bursting Forth Like A Legion Of Young Imps

A Flower Of Bliss, Beyond All Blessing Blest

Then She Turns In Sudden Terror

Rip’s Daughter and Grand-Child

Rip Van Winkle – A Troop Of Strange Children Ran At His Heels