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Jan van Bijlert (1597 – 1671, Dutch)

Young Girl Teasing A Cat

Young Boy In An Embroidered Yellow Dress And White

Johan Strick van Linschoten And His Family

A Mother With An Infant In Her Arms And A Girl

Young Boy Playing Theorbo

Virgin and Child

Maria With Child And A Girl With Fruit

Madonna and Child

Strange Dice

St. Simeon Presenting The Infant Christ In The Temple

Adoration Of Three Kings

Venus Chastising Amoretti

Venus and Amor And An Old Woman

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout (1621 – 1674, Dutch)

Children In A Park

Coriolanus‘s Mother And Wife Begging Him To Spare Rome

Volumnia Pleading With Her Son Coriolanus To Spare Rome

Hannah Presenting His Son Samuel To The Priest Eli

The Infant Samuel Brought By Hannah To Eli

The Expulsion Of Hagar And Ishmael

Simeon In The Temple, Nunc dimittis

Portrait Of A Family

Presentation In The Temple

The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt

The Adoration Of The Shepherds

St. Peter Healing The Lame

The Satyr And The Peasant

Boy With A Red Cap And Gold Chain

Boy With A Turban, Standing Behind A Chair

Youth Lying On Ground Asleep

A Sleeping Shepherd Boy

Jacob van Oost the Elder (1601 – 1671, Belgian)

David Bearing The Head Of Goliath

Portrait Of A Boy As St. John the Baptist

Portrait Of A Boy With A Pipe

Two Boys Before An Easel

The Reading Lesson

Portrait Of A Boy Aged 11

Portrait Of A Young Boy

The Artist’s Studio

Portrait Of A Bruges Family

The Fortune Teller

Adoration Of The Shepherds

Adoration Of The Shepherds

The Holy Family

painting in the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk, Bruges

Frans Hals (1581 – 1666, Dutch)

Laughing Child

The Rommel Pot Player

Boy Playing A Violin

Two Boys Singing

Catharina Hooft With Her Nurse

Singing Boy With A Flute

Boy With A Skull

Family Portrait In A Landscape

Family Group In A Landscape

Family Group In A Landscape

Family Portrait

Group of Children

Fisher Boy

Fisher Girl

The Fisher Boy

St. Matthew

Boy Playing A Violin

Drinking Boy

Judith Leyster (1609 – 1660, Dutch)

Girl With A Straw Hat

Young Flute Player

Two Children With A Cat

A Boy And A Girl With A Cat And An Eel

Gilbert Jackson (active 1621 – 1642, English)

Portrait Of A Child

Double Portrait Of A Lady And Her Daughter

A Lady Of The Grenville Family And Her Son

Daughter Of Florence Poulett And Thomas Smyth of Ashton Court
With Her Black Page

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Portrait Of A Boy

Peter Lely (1618 – 1680, English)

Portrait Of Lady Charlotte Fitzroy With Her Indian Page

A Boy As A Shepherd

Charles I And The Duke Of York

Portrait Of Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castelmaine,
With Her Son, Charles Fitzroy

Portrait Of A Young Lady And Child
(possibly Barbara Villiers, Countess Of Castelmaine)

Mademoiselle Louise de la Vallière and her children

Portrait Of The Children Of the Markgraaf de Trazegnies

Boy Playing A Jew’s Harp

Portrait Of Nell Gwynne

Portrait Of Winston and Arabella Churchill,
Children of Sir Winston Churchill

Sir John Cotton And Family

Group Portrait Of Charles Dormer, His Wife Elizabeth And Their Children

Portrait Of Charles Dormer, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon

Double Portrait Of Charles Dormer And His Sister Lady Elizabeth Dormer

Isabella Dormer Aged 8

Lady Elizabeth Noel Wriothesley

Lady Henrietta Mordaunt

Girl With A Parrot

A Child Of The Capel Family

The Chesterfield Portrait –
Portrait Of Two Boys, Philip Stanhope And His Brother Charles

Sir Edward Hales And His Family

Henry, Duke Of Gloucester

Finding Of Moses

Head Of A Young Boy