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Cecil Langley Doughty (1913 – 1985, English)

The Story Of The Christmas TreeThe Story Of The Christmas Tree

What Really Happened - Did The Devil Walk The RooftopsWhat Really Happened? – Did The Devil Walk The Rooftops?

Old Curiosity Shop, by Charles DickensOld Curiosity Shop, by Charles Dickens

Edward V Being Handed Over To The Duke Of GloucesterEdward V Being Handed Over To The Duke Of Gloucester

Mary TudorMary Tudor

Charles ICharles I

Missionaries In ChinaMissionaries In China

India, The Sikh WarsIndia, The Sikh Wars

The Gordon RiotsThe Gordon Riots

Thomas Lipton, Founder Of The Grocery BusinessThomas Lipton, Founder Of The Grocery Business

Tom Clifton Is KidnappedTom Clifton Is Kidnapped

A Shaken Louis XVA Shaken Louis XV

Shakespeare Being Disciplined As A BoyShakespeare Being Disciplined As A Boy

Musical ProdigyMusical Prodigy

Sailing The Suez CanalSailing The Suez Canal

The Boyhood Of Walter RaleighThe Boyhood Of Walter Raleigh

At The Seven Stars - Escape To ChiswickAt The Seven Stars – Escape To Chiswick

The Great Detectives - The Six Brave Thief-CatchersThe Great Detectives – The Six Brave Thief-Catchers


Daniel Maclise (1806 – 1870, Irish)

An Interview Between Charles I and Oliver CromwellAn  Interview Between Charles I and Oliver Cromwell

A Winter Night's TaleA  Winter Night’s Tale

First StepsFirst Steps

Mrs Julia Hardwick, nés Shaw, With Her Two SonsMrs Julia Hardwick, nés Shaw, With Her Two Sons

Powder BoyPowder Boy

Peter The Great At Deptford DockyardPeter The Great At Deptford Dockyard

The Play Scene From HamletThe Play Scene From Hamlet

Cottage GroupCottage Group

The Spirit Of JusticeThe  Spirit Of Justice

Ralph Hedley (1848 – 1913, English)

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In School

Barred Out (29 May)

Home Lessons

A Good Read

Breezy Day

The Monitor

The Truant's Log

Deep In Thought

The Tournament

The Village Sweet Shop

The Noonday Rest

Jubilee Girl

The Newsboy

The Animal Market

The Country School Girl

Geordie Haa'd The Bairn

Real Antique

Picking Raspberries

The Old Curiosity Shop

The Phrenologist's Visit

The Cobbler's Shop

Smithy, Hexham, Bridge End

King Charles I Touching For The King's Evil

William Frederick Yeames (1835 – 1918, English)

And When Did You Last See Your Father?

An Appeal to the Podesta


Dr. Harvey And The Children Of Charles I

The Path Of Roses

The Jacobites Escape The Punch Room At Cotehele House Cornwall

The Arming Of The Young Knight

A Cottage Garden

Interior Of A Dining Hall

Prince Arthur And Hubert

Peter Lely (1618 – 1680, English)

Portrait Of Lady Charlotte Fitzroy With Her Indian Page

A Boy As A Shepherd

Charles I And The Duke Of York

Portrait Of Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castelmaine,
With Her Son, Charles Fitzroy

Portrait Of A Young Lady And Child
(possibly Barbara Villiers, Countess Of Castelmaine)

Mademoiselle Louise de la Vallière and her children

Portrait Of The Children Of the Markgraaf de Trazegnies

Boy Playing A Jew’s Harp

Portrait Of Nell Gwynne

Portrait Of Winston and Arabella Churchill,
Children of Sir Winston Churchill

Sir John Cotton And Family

Group Portrait Of Charles Dormer, His Wife Elizabeth And Their Children

Portrait Of Charles Dormer, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon

Double Portrait Of Charles Dormer And His Sister Lady Elizabeth Dormer

Isabella Dormer Aged 8

Lady Elizabeth Noel Wriothesley

Lady Henrietta Mordaunt

Girl With A Parrot

A Child Of The Capel Family

The Chesterfield Portrait –
Portrait Of Two Boys, Philip Stanhope And His Brother Charles

Sir Edward Hales And His Family

Henry, Duke Of Gloucester

Finding Of Moses

Head Of A Young Boy

Frederick Goodall (1822 – 1904, English)


An Egyptian Flower Girl

An Arab School – The School Of Sultan Hassan

Old Maid

The Finding Of Moses

Puritan And Cavalier

An Episode In The Happier Days Of Charles IAn Episode In The Happier Days Of Charles I

Queen Henrietta Maria And Her Children On The River

Hagar And Ishmael

A Letter From Papa

Copt Mother And Child

A New Attraction In The Harem

Sheik Distributing Alms

The Blind Arab And His Guide

Sisters With Flowers

The Palm Offering

Helping Hand

Already He Knew God As His Father

Le bon curé

Irish Eviction

Arabs Crossing A Flooded Field By The Pyramids

A Brittany WeddingA Brittany Wedding

Age And InfancyAge And Infancy

Cottage InteriorCottage Interior

Felice Ballarin Reciting Tasso To The People Of ChioggiaFelice Ballarin Reciting Tasso To The People Of Chioggia


Hunt The SlipperHunt The Slipper

Gypsy EncampmentGypsy Encampment

Summer Song - To Tinkling Lute...Summer Song – To Tinkling Lute…

Study for The SwingStudy for The Swing

The Village Post OfficeThe Village Post Office

The Sick ChildThe Sick Child

The Tired Soldier Resting At A Roadside WellThe Tired Soldier Resting At A Roadside Well

The Relief Of Lucknow - Jesse's DreamThe Relief Of Lucknow – Jesse’s Dream

The Heath CartThe Heath Cart

Anthony van Dyck (1599 – 1641, Flemish)

The Five Children Of King Charles I

Children Of Charles I

Charles I And Queen Henrietta Maria
With Charles Prince Of Wales And Princess Mary

Prince Of Wales, Future Charles II, King Of England

Princess Mary Stuart And Prince William Of Orange, Future William III

Family Portrait

Portrait Of Philadelphia And Elizabeth Wharton

George Villiers, 2nd Duke Of Buckingham,
And His Brother Lord Francis Villiers

Paola Adorno With Her Son

Marie Clarisse With Her Child

The Wife And Daughter Of Colyn de Nole

Prince Rupert von der Pfalz

Thomas Howard With His Grandson Lord Maltravers

Lady Elizabeth Thimbleby And Dorothy Viscountess Andover

Portrait Of Family Lomellini

Filippo Cattaneo, Son Of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi

Clelia Cattaneo, Daughter Of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi

Susanna Fourment And Her Daughter