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Heinrich Friedrich Füger (1751 – 1818, German)

The Artist's SonThe Artist’s Son

Prince Karl of Lichtenstein With His Wife Maria Anna Josepha And Their Son KarlPrince Karl of Liechtenstein With His Wife Maria Anna Josepha
And Their Son Karl

Countess Molly Zichy-Ferraris As A ChildCountess Molly Zichy-Ferraris As A Child

Alcestis Sacrifices Herself For AdmetusAlcestis Sacrifices Herself For Admetus

The Young Phyrrus Before King GlaukiasThe Young Phyrrus Before King Glaucias

Veturia Asks Coriolanus To Spare RomeVeturia Asks Coriolanus To Spare Rome

The Death Of GermanicusThe Death Of Germanicus

Eustache Le Sueur (1617 – 1655, French)

Moses Saved From The Nile

Volumnia And Veturia Before Coriolanus

Presentation Of The Virgin

The Birth Of Cupid

Hagar In The Wilderness

Venus Introducing Cupid To Jupiter

Christ Healing The Blind Man

The Virgin And Child Jesus With Saint John the Baptist

Sleeping Venus

Erasmus Quellinus (1607 – 1678, Belgian)

Portrait Of A Young Boy

Cupid On A Dolphin

Love Asleep

Volumnia With Her Sons Before Coriolanus

Coriolanus Begged To Spare Rome

The Magnanimity Of Scipio

The Infant Pyrrhus At The Court Of Glaucias, King Of The Illyrians

The Vision of St. Francis Xavier

The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt

The Holy Family With Saint Anne

Madonna, Saint Hubert And Saint Nicholas

The Madonna And Child With Infant Saint John the Baptist

The Virgin With The Child And Saint John

Thetis Dips Achilles In A Vase With Water From the Styx

The Triumph Of Minerva With The Three Graces


Madonna and Child

Joseph Noel Paton (1821 – 1901, Scottish)

I Wonder Who Lived In There

In Memoriam

Home – The Return From The Crimea

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Fact And Fancy

The Fairy Raid (detail)

Oberon And The Mermaid

Titania And The Indian Boy


Do Not Lift Him From The Bracken

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout (1621 – 1674, Dutch)

Children In A Park

Coriolanus‘s Mother And Wife Begging Him To Spare Rome

Volumnia Pleading With Her Son Coriolanus To Spare Rome

Hannah Presenting His Son Samuel To The Priest Eli

The Infant Samuel Brought By Hannah To Eli

The Expulsion Of Hagar And Ishmael

Simeon In The Temple, Nunc dimittis

Portrait Of A Family

Presentation In The Temple

The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt

The Adoration Of The Shepherds

St. Peter Healing The Lame

The Satyr And The Peasant

Boy With A Red Cap And Gold Chain

Boy With A Turban, Standing Behind A Chair

Youth Lying On Ground Asleep

A Sleeping Shepherd Boy