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Cornelis de Vos (1584 – 1651, Dutch)

(Part II)

Portrait Of A Child

Elisabeth (or Cornelia) Vekemans As A Young Girl

A Nobleman And Three Children

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Family Portrait

Anthony Reyniers And His Family

Family Portrait

Madame Charlotte Butkens Smit van Cruyninghen
And Her Son John Amatus

Frans Veckermans

Jan Veckermans

Family Portrait

Child Holding A Racket

Little Girl With A Parrot

Girl With A Bell

11 Years Old Girl With Puppy

David Playing The Harp

Adoration Of The Magi

The Birth Of Jesus

(See also: Part I)


Cornelis de Vos (1584 – 1651, Dutch)

(Part I)

Magdalena And Jan Baptist de Vos

Self-Portrait Of The Artist With His Wife Suzanne Cock And Their Children

Self-Portrait Of The Artist And His Family

The Family Of The Artist

Susanna de Vos

The Artist’s Daughter

Child Holding A Rattle

Young Girl In A Pink Dress With Red Trim

Portrait Of A Boy

Portrait Of A Boy,
traditionally called François de Boisschot, Comte d’Erps

Portrait Of A Girl At The Age Of 10

Portrait Of A Young Boy

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Girl Wearing A Black Dress

Mother And Child

Allegory Of Passing Time


The Meeting Of Alexander the Great And Diogenes

(1 – to be continued)