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Cecil Langley Doughty (1913 – 1985, English)

The Story Of The Christmas TreeThe Story Of The Christmas Tree

What Really Happened - Did The Devil Walk The RooftopsWhat Really Happened? – Did The Devil Walk The Rooftops?

Old Curiosity Shop, by Charles DickensOld Curiosity Shop, by Charles Dickens

Edward V Being Handed Over To The Duke Of GloucesterEdward V Being Handed Over To The Duke Of Gloucester

Mary TudorMary Tudor

Charles ICharles I

Missionaries In ChinaMissionaries In China

India, The Sikh WarsIndia, The Sikh Wars

The Gordon RiotsThe Gordon Riots

Thomas Lipton, Founder Of The Grocery BusinessThomas Lipton, Founder Of The Grocery Business

Tom Clifton Is KidnappedTom Clifton Is Kidnapped

A Shaken Louis XVA Shaken Louis XV

Shakespeare Being Disciplined As A BoyShakespeare Being Disciplined As A Boy

Musical ProdigyMusical Prodigy

Sailing The Suez CanalSailing The Suez Canal

The Boyhood Of Walter RaleighThe Boyhood Of Walter Raleigh

At The Seven Stars - Escape To ChiswickAt The Seven Stars – Escape To Chiswick

The Great Detectives - The Six Brave Thief-CatchersThe Great Detectives – The Six Brave Thief-Catchers


Herbert Blande Sparks (1870 – 1916, English)

Mother And Child In A GardenMother And Child In A Garden

In The GardenIn The Garden

Admiring The SwansAdmiring The Swans

Family In The GardenFamily In The Garden

Beauty On A Bed Of Roses Before A POndBeauty On A Bed Of Roses Before A Pond

Two Princes In The Tower (Edward V And His Brother Richard)Two Princes In The Tower
(Edward V And His Brother Richard)

Paul Delaroche (1797 – 1856, French)

Jeune mere et ses enfantsJeune mere et ses enfants

The_Childhood_of_Pico_della_MirandolaThe Childhood Of Pico della Mirandola

Resting On The Banks Of The TiberResting On The Banks Of The Tiber

The Death Of The Sons Of King Edward In The TowerThe Sons Of King Edward Imprisoned In The Tower

Children Of King Edward IV

A Family SceneA Family Scene

Mother And ChildMother And Child

A Child Learning To ReadA Child Learning To Read

Discovery of Moses

Virgin And Child

Young Christian Martyr

Jeune fille à la balancoire

Alexandre et Léon de Gosselin

Tete d’enfant tournée vers la gauche

John Everett Millais (1829 – 1896, English)

james-wyatt-and-his-grandaughter-maryJames Wyatt And His Grandaughter Mary

my-first-sermonMy First Sermon

my-second-sermonMy Second Sermon

small_a-souvenir-of-velazquezbmpA Souvenir Of Velazquez

For The SquireFor The Squire


A Flood


ruling-passionRuling Passion

leisure-hoursLeisure Hours

cherry-ripeCherry Ripe




Little Speedwell’s Darling Blue

message-from-the-seaMessage From The Sea

portrait-of-gracia-leesPortrait Of Gracia Lees


Christ In The House Of His ParentsChrist In The House Of His Parents

 The boyhood of RaleighThe Boyhood Of Raleigh

the-piperThe Piper

The Two Princes Edward And Richard In The TowerThe Two Princes (Edward And Richard) In The Tower

Princess Elizabeth in PrisonPrincess Elizabeth in Prison

John Wycliffe TaylorJohn Wycliffe Taylor

Hugh Cayley of WydaleHugh Cayley of Wydale

The Nest

A Dream Of The Past: Sir Isumbras At The Ford

Autumn Leaves

The Blind Girl

The Woodman’s Daughter


The Minuet