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Moritz Michael Daffinger (1790 – 1849, Austrian)

Franz Joseph I of Austria (at age 10)Franz Joseph I of Austria (at age 10)

Child Portrait Of Franz Joseph I In Purple DressChild Portrait Of Franz Joseph I In Purple Dress

Archduchess Maria TheresiaArchduchess Maria Theresia


Anton Einsle (1801 – 1871, Austrian)

Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria, At the Age Of 15Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria, At the Age Of 15

Kaiser Franz Joseph IKaiser Franz Joseph I

Franz Joseph IFranz Joseph I

Archduke Alexander of Austria (1825-1837)Archduke Alexander of Austria (1825-1837)

Portrait Of A Young GirlPortrait Of A Young Girl

Two Children In A Park LandscapeTwo Children In A Park Landscape

Sleeping ChildSleeping Child

Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1793 – 1865, Austrian)

(Part II)

Young Peasant Woman With Three Children At The Window

Portrait Of A Boy

Old Veteran With Children

At The Monastery


At The Farrier

Julia Comtesse Apraxin

Count Demetrius  Apraxin

The Center Of Attention

Farewell To the Bride By The Parents

Refreshment At The City’s Fountain Of Taormina

Singing Children

The Gierster Family

The Class Prize

The Cured

The Peep-Show Man – Man With Stereoscope

Early Spring In The Vienna Woods

Mother’s Joy

Portrait of The Future Austrian Emperor, Franz Josef

The Pilgrims Resting

title unknown

Children Coming From School

Venetian Fruit Seller

A Beggar Boy At The Hohe Brucke

(2 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I)

Joseph Karl Stieler (1781 – 1858, German)

Princess Sophie of Bavaria With Her Son, Franz Joseph,
Later Emperor of Austria

Ludovika, Marie and Sophie,
The Youngest Daughters of Maximilian I, King of Bavaria

The Sons of Maximilian Joseph

Queen Pauline of Wurttemberg

Maximilian, Duke of Leuchtenberg