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Johannes Adam Simon Oertel (1823 – 1909, German-born American)

The Colgate FamilyThe Colgate Family

Visiting GrandmaVisiting Grandma

Return From MeetingReturn From Meeting

Pulling Down The Statue Of King George III, N.Y.C.Pulling Down The Statue Of King George III, N.Y.C.

Saul Among The ProphetsSaul Among The Prophets

Allegorical SceneAllegorical Scene

Virgin And ChildVirgin And Child

St. John the BaptistSt. John the Baptist

John Singleton Copley (1738 – 1815, American)

Charles Callis Western And His Brother Shirley Western

Portrait Of Copley Family

Young Lady With A Bird And Dog

The Three Youngest Daughters Of George III
(Princesses Mary, Sophia and Amelia)

Samuel Reading to Eli the Judgments of God Upon Eli’s House

Mary And Elizabeth Royall

Richard Heber

Midshipman Augustus Brine

William Vassall And His Son Leonard

The Stilwell Family

Sir William Pepperell And Family

The Gore Children

The Nativity

Thomas Aston Coffin

Daniel Crommelin Verplanck

Portrait Of A Boy

The Forge Of Vulcan

Boy With A Squirrel - Henry PelhamBoy With A Squirrel – Henry Pelham

Mary Elizabeth MartinMary Elizabeth Martin

Mrs. Daniel Rea And ChildMrs. Daniel Rea And Child

Jonathan MountfortJonathan Mountfort